Dear Colleague,

We are excited to welcome you and your practice team back to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 18th Annual Network of Oncology Clinicians and Researchers (NOCR) Meeting - the premier annual event for community oncologists to update their clinical knowledge.

This annual update features clinical case and panel discussions, debates, and Meet the Expert sessions for exchanging the latest information on the diagnosis and management of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. For 2012, we are expanding the agenda to include discussions on sarcoma and GIST, cutting-edge research in melanoma, and a special session on managing women’s issues in oncology. We will also continue with concurrent half-day workshops on oncology symptom management and lymphoma-myeloma.

Once again we are offering special discounts when you register your entire practice team. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be an outstanding educational experience!

Quotes from 2011 NOCR Annual Meeting attendees:

“I love attending this meeting. Good choice of speakers”

“Superb meeting, I have attended for several years and plan on continuing, good return on time investment!”

“Always an excellent meeting for the community oncologist”

“The best conference of the year”

About the NOCR

Established in 1993, the Network for Oncology Clinicians and Researchers (NOCR) is a proprietary, self-registered network of over 30,000 oncology healthcare professionals who routinely utilize educational offerings developed by Imedex. The Annual NOCR Meeting was created in 1994 to bring community-based oncologists and their practice teams together with a world renowned faculty for an event where pivotal new research findings and the latest developments in cancer treatment strategies are translated into practical, actionable education.