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ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA - October 2, 2011 - Imedex® today announced its creation and launch of the Imedex Educational Impact Score (EIS), a new protocol for the evaluation of CME for both its live and enduring activities that summarizes the educational effectiveness of Imedex® LLC CME into a single, standardized score.

“We’ve remained strong throughout the many changes in the CME landscape over the life-cycle of the company” said Keith Steward, President of Imedex. “Adding the EIS into our portfolio is complementary to our existing business model and really measures the effectiveness of our CME activities. We are very excited to be able to offer this level of outcome data.”

CME providers are required to assess changes in learners associated with participation in individual CME activities, as well as gather data regarding how each activity reflects achievement of its CME mission. However, commonly used summary measures of CME effectiveness are often too vague (e.g., “How likely are you to make a change in your practice as a result of participating in this CME activity”) to inform future educational programming. And when more specific assessments (e.g., knowledge tests or case vignettes) are utilized, data is seldom summarized into a format that reflects overall effectiveness or permits comparisons of effectiveness across different CME activities.

“Imedex’s differentiation is that we’ve created an accessible common standard: a single number reflecting the overall magnitude of educational effectiveness” said Jason Oliveri, Education Strategy and Outcomes Services Manager. “The Imedex EIS is empiricallybased, but is also easy to understand and translatable across all the CME activities we produce.”

Presently, Imedex LLC provides an EIS for learning (Level 3) and competency (Level 4) outcomes. These EIS allow Imedex to categorize the magnitude of effect (e.g., small, medium, or large) on these outcome levels of each of its CME activities, as well as conduct pooled analyses of its overall CME program performance against these outcome levels by educational format, content area or in accordance with its mission statement. Efforts to establish EIS’ for higher level outcomes are currently underway.

Helping to further realize its educational outcome measurement goals, Imedex has established a partnership with ImproveCME, LLC (an independent CME outcome evaluation company) and recently added a fulltime staff devoted solely to the management of educational outcome measurement for its CME activities.

Additionally, in an effort to foster collaboration in educational outcome measurement, Imedex continually seeks to share its findings via peer-reviewed publications and presentations at professional association meetings. Most recently, Imedex had two abstracts accepted for presentation at the 2012 Alliance for CME Annual Meeting. These presentations will cover the latest evaluation protocols for live and enduring activities and how to calculate summary effect measures for CME outcomes.

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