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March 22-23, 2013

San Francisco, California

Scientific Agenda

Friday, March 22, 2013

Master Class: Management of IBD in Children, Teens, and Young Adults

Co-Chairs: Joel R. Rosh, MD and Robbyn E. Sockolow, MD

1:00 pm

Welcome and pre-activity audience knowledge/competence assessment via ARS

1:15 pm

Risk stratification of pediatric IBD: What disease phenotype does your patient really have?

1:45 pm

Optimizing the efficacy of immunomodulators and biologics in pediatric IBD

2:15 pm

Faculty panel: Monotherapy vs. combination therapy as optimal pediatric therapy

2:45 pm

Coffee break

3:05 pm

Vaccination/health maintenance in the pediatric IBD patient

3:35 pm

Acute pediatric ulcerative colitis: Lessons from the OSCI trial

4:05 pm

Faculty panel: Mucosal healing or clinical criteria: How should remission be defined in pediatric IBD?

4:35 pm

Challenging cases in IBD

5:00 pm


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Practical Insights in the Management of Adult IBD

Co-Chairs: Marla C. Dubinsky, MD, Asher A. Kornbluth, MD, and Uma Mahadevan, MD

7:00 am


8:00 am

Welcome and pre-activity audience knowledge/competence assessment via ARS

8:15 am

Small bowel evaluation – Choosing the best radiologic and endoscopic modalities

8:35 am

Vaccinations and other health maintenance issues for the patient on immune suppressive therapies

8:55 am

Management of pregnant women with IBD

9:15 am

Q and A

9:30 am

Debate: Biologic therapy should never be stopped, or should it?

Point: Yes, you can never stop biologic therapy

Counterpoint: No, it is feasible to stop biologic therapy

9:50 am


10:00 am

Coffee break

10:30 am

Debate: Mucosal healing versus patient reported symptoms

Point: Mucosal healing should be our primary endpoint and not patient reported symptoms

Counterpoint: Patient reported symptoms should be our primary outcome and not mucosal healing

10:50 am


11:00 am

Debate: Low grade dysplasia is an indication for colectomy

Point: Yes, a colectomy is the right choice

Counterpoint: No, patients do not need a colectomy

11:20 am


11:30 am

Debate: Post-op therapy is necessary for all patients

Point: Yes

Counterpoint: No

11:50 am


12:00 pm

Meet the Experts – Lunch served

1:00 pm

Balancing and explaining risks of therapy in patients’ treatment options

1:20 pm

Therapeutic monitoring and maximizing therapeutic response to immunomodulators and biologics

1:40 pm

State of the art: An update on the management of severe ulcerative colitis

2:00 pm

Panel discussion: Frequently asked questions

2:30 pm

Coffee break

2:45 pm

Gastroenterology Board review – Clinical cases and questions for the practicing gastroenterologist and GI Fellow preparing for Board certification or recertification Faculty panel will continue case discussions relevant to board-related questions

4:00 pm

Conclusion and wrap-up summary

4:15 pm